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Best-in-class Solutions through Support for Windows

Whatever the task is our techies will provide you with the highest quality of service. The techies are put through a rigorous training program. IQ TechLine offers you the world’s best computer tech support whenever you need. If you are having your computer problems such as speed up computer, just give our experienced techies a call and they will provide you 100% outstanding service.

Our Services to Speed up Computer Includes

  • Clean and optimize your registry
  • Uninstall the unnecessary programs
  • Defrag your computer disk
  • Back up your registry
  • Stop the unnecessary start-up programs
  • Clear the temporary files on your computer

Some of the major issues faced by people while using Windows OS operating system are:

  • Update to Windows OS & its Service Packs
    While you will be using your system running on Windows OS it will prompt you to update to Windows OS Service Pack 3. If you don’t install it then many software and applications won’t run at all or smoothly. To resolve such type of errors contact our IQ TechLine 24*7 Windows OS Technical Support Number.
  • Reinstalling Windows OS
    If you are facing some problem while reinstalling windows OS into your system then you can just contact us at our Windows OS Support Number for quick resolution to your problem.
  • Partitioning Disk Drives
    Installation of Windows OS is different from partitioning it according to you use. In order to stay away from any disk error you might need a better support service that can divide available space reliably. If you haven’t done it before, make sure you contact our experts to keep your system away from any malfunction.
  • Resolving Windows Blue Screen Errors
    Sometimes when you are using Windows OS then in between of running of some application or program, the screen goes blue and you can’t do anything. This is called the Microsoft Windows Blue Screen Error. To resolve this contact our Windows OS Contact Number.
  • Uninstalling and installing Java Updates
    Java Run Time Environment (JRE) is needed for many programs to run which are based in Java. IF you are facing some issues while installing or uninstalling latest versions of Java into your system then contact our Windows OS Support Number to resolve it.

Apart from OS, experts at IQ TechLine, as Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, are also quite capable of resolving issues related to older versions of Windows, even Windows 98 while we take care of any Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2000 server editions with equal competence.