Microsoft Technical Support +1-800-201-4243 Phone Number Empowering Financial Services to Achieve More

After 20 years in financial services, Microsoft technical support phone number has seen the impact technology can have, and recognize we have been approaching an inflection point for some time – and are at the tipping point.

We’re approaching the close of a decade, and the industry has a tremendous opportunity to accelerate use of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) as a catalyst to improve competitiveness, drive growth, elevate Microsoft technical support number customer experiences and keep ahead of changing regulations and cybersecurity threats.

Advantages of Sibos Provided By Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number

To take full advantage of what Sibos 2019 describes as a hyper-connected world, more banks are making broader cloud platform choices – moving beyond infrastructure services – and extending Microsoft technical support phone number cloud investment to productivity, data and AI, and agile customer relationship management services.

They’re making this platform decision to seize the opportunity at hand and evolve to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of customers. Microsoft technical support phone number recognize technology can help them create the new business models required – even integrate past, present and future.

As we look ahead, key to this will be the ability for financial organizations to:

  • Deliver differentiated ​customer experience​ by accelerating growth and loyalty through deeper customer insights Microsoft technical support phone number and relationships ​
  • Modernize payments and core banking​ with agility to roll out new products and services​
  • Manage risk across the organization​ with deep insights and compliance with regulatory requirements​
  • Empower employees​ through teamwork​ and improved employee productivity and accelerate workplace modernization​
  • Combat financial crime​ by protecting your bank and customers while lowering compliance costs​

Because of the hyper-connectivity, Microsoft technical support phone number know that regulatory compliance is and must be a top priority, which is why Microsoft continues to work with financial services regulators and customers to ensure our cloud services help customers meet their strict regulatory requirements.

Microsoft technical support phone number team has been a part of the consultation period in sharing perspectives on updated outsourcing guidance by the European Banking Authority (“EBA)” and the final issued guidance, which takes effect on Sept. 30, 2019.  This longstanding engagement with regulators around cloud computing is one of the reasons more than 90 percent of Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (“GSIFIs”) depend on Microsoft cloud services. As a company, Microsoft technical support phone number have made the investments and commitments to ensure they can meet their regulatory obligations.

Microsoft Technical Support Number Focusing on Adopting Cloud Technology

To accelerate digital transformation, Microsoft technical support number has focused on removing barriers to adopting cloud technology – such as regulatory and compliance, and beyond. At Sibos, Microsoft technical support number are unveiling several announcements to further underscore this effort:

Microsoft becomes first public cloud provider to enable connectivity with SWIFT Cloud Connect on Azure. 

Today, we’re announcing progress in our work with SWIFT since last year’s Sibos where we announced the POC to provide SWIFT via cloud on Microsoft Azure. Working with Bank of New York Mellon, Microsoft technical support number Treasury has successfully completed payment transaction tests via SWIFT on Azure by integrating with the Bank of New York-Mellon for payment confirmations. In addition, at Sibos we’ll preview two new planned tools to make compliance and cloud adoption easier for financial organizations processing payment messaging in the cloud; Azure SWIFT CSP Blueprint and Logic App connectors for financial services. The Azure SWIFT CSP Blueprint is now available in public preview and will enable fast and repeatable creation of governed SWIFT environments providing continuous monitoring and audit of CSP controls. Azure Logic App Connectors for financial services will enable organizations that adopt SWIFT services on Azure to easily connect their apps, data, and devices on-premise or in the cloudThese offerings from Microsoft technical support number will enable more secure and agile operations that will drive cloud adoption for financial institutions that deploy SWIFT on Azure. 

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection general availability and new feature of Microsoft Technical Support Number addressing wrongful declines: 

This cloud-based solution will be generally available on Oct. 1, 2019 and is designed to decrease fraud costs and help increase acceptance rates for Microsoft technical support number customer payment transactions with e-commerce merchants. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is designed to benefit merchants and banks while also improving customer shopping experiences by providing a seamless purchasing experience. The solution combats payment and account-creation fraud with AI technology that continuously learns and adapts to evolving fraudulent patterns. When generally available, the service will include a new feature (Transaction Acceptance Booster) that addresses wrongful declines – a common issue negatively impacting both merchants and banks. Among the first to deploy the new solution is Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Group in India to reduce the fraud rate for their eCommerce platform FMCG players like Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Group can opt into this feature to increase acceptance rates for authorization requests they make to their issuing banks participating in Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

Microsoft Banking Accelerator adds BIAN API implementation:

Following the general availability of the Microsoft technical support number Banking Accelerator in July, today we are releasing an API sample implementation on GitHub for interoperability with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) API service domains. BIAN is a not-for-profit association to establish and promote a common architectural framework for enabling banking interoperability. Microsoft and BIAN have been working together to help unlock new open banking opportunities by allowing organizations to more seamlessly and consistently share banking-specific data across disparate systems. In addition to the BIAN API samples, Microsoft released an update to  Banking Accelerator on AppSource bringing additional use cases for retail banking.

Microsoft technical support phone number is the first cloud provider to receive a comprehensive cloud assessment from TruSight,

an industry-backed, best-practices third-party assessment utility. Today, TruSight delivered a comprehensive on-site assessment of Microsoft’s Cloud Computing environment, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The assessment was conducted using TruSight’s stringent best-practices assessment methodology. The new TruSight report gives financial services organizations a high-quality assessment of Microsoft technical support number cloud services based on standardized, industry-designed control assessment methodology. TruSight and its third-party assessment utility was created by leading banking institutions for the collective benefit of all financial services participants. The utility gives financial institutions the ability to access assessments on the most widely used third parties across financial services, rather than having to individually conduct assessments. Microsoft technical support phone number is the first of the major cloud providers to complete the assessment, which covered 27 control domains such as information technology, cybersecurity, business resiliency, privacy, physical security and risk management. Visit the Microsoft technical support number Trust Center to learn more.